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Post-Doctoral Fellows

Team Members

Liu Wen-Qiang.png

Wen-Qiang Liu

Ph.D. with Chen-Ho Tung

and Li-Zhu Wu,

Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS

zhang ying-qi.jpg
Tong-De Tan.png

Ying-Qi Zhang

Joint post-doc fellow

with Peng-Cheng Qian, Wenzhou University,

Ph.D. with Long-Wu Ye,

Xiamen University

Tong-De Tan

Ph.D. with Long-Wu Ye,

Xiamen University


Fang Zhou

Visiting post-doc fellow,

Ph.D. with Shaolin Zhu,

Nanjing University

cong fei pic.jpeg

Fei Cong

Ph.D. with Ruben Martin,

Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia

guo-quan sun.jpg

Guo-Quan Sun

Joint post-doc fellow

with Yu Zhao, NUS,

Ph.D. with Da-Gang Yu,

Sichuan University

Graduate Students

Yinan Zhang

Ph.D. student,

B.Sc. with Xian-He Bu

Nankai University


Haonan Zhao

Ph.D. student,

M.Sc. with Haijun Wang, 

Jiangnan University

Jiang Yi.jpg

Yi Jiang

Ph.D. student,

M.Sc. with Zhen Wang, 

Lanzhou University

luo xiaohua.jpg

Xiaohua Luo

NUS-TJU Ph.D. student

with Junan Ma, Tianjing University

leroy pic.jpeg
lee boon chong 2.JPG

Boon Chong Lee

Ph.D. student,

BSc. with MJ Koh, NUS

(President's graduate fellow)

Leroy Qi Hao Lin

Ph.D. student,

BSc. with MJ Koh, NUS

mao wei.JPG

Wei Mao

NUS-TJU Ph.D. student

with Junan Ma, Tianjing University

Qian-Yi Zhou

Ph.D. student,

M.Sc. with Xin Li & 

Jin-Pei Cheng, 

Nankai University

charyl ko.jpg

Charyl Hui Min Ko

Ph.D. student,

B.Sc. with MJ Koh, NUS

Research Assistants, Undergraduate & Visiting Students

song ningxi.png
ng jun wei.jpg
yuqi wang.jpg

NingXi Song

FYP student

Jun Wei Ng

FYP student

Yuqi Wang

Research assistant,

Xiamen University

hu rui.jpg

Rui Hu

Visiting research assistant,

Nanjing Forestry University

Student & Post-doc Awards

Yi Jiang Best graduate researcher award, Department of Chemistry, NUS (2021); Chinese government award for outstanding self-financed students abroad (2022)

Chen-Fei Liu Top graduate researcher award, Faculty of Science, NUS (2022); Best graduate researcher award, Department of Chemistry, NUS (2022); Chinese government award for outstanding self-financed students abroad (2022); SNIC-Prof Lee Soo Ying Young Chemist Award - Gold Award (2023)

Quanquan Wang SNIC-Prof Lee Soo Ying Early Career Research Award - Gold Award (2022) 

Former Members 

Yee Ann Ho Ph.D. with Magnus Rueping, RWTH Aachen University (Jan 19 - Jul 19)

Hongling Zheng FYP student, NUS (Aug 19 - Apr 20); Research assistant (Jul 20 - Nov 20)

Xianxiao Chen Visiting student, Nanjing Forestry University (Jul 19 - Jun 20)

Xiaolong Yu Ph.D. with Jin Zhu, Nanjing University (Oct 18 - Dec 20)

Joel Jun Han Lim FYP student, NUS (Jan 20 - Nov 20)

Daniel Yong Zheng Tan SPS student, NUS (Aug 20 - Nov 20)

Joey Yi Fan Chieng SPS student, NUS (Aug 20 - Nov 20)

Kwan Hou Tang SPS student, NUS (Aug 20 - Nov 20)

Tao Yang Ph.D. with Long Lv & Qilong Shen, SIOC (Nov 18 - Jan 21)

Ping Li Visiting student, Nanjing Forestry University (Apr 20 - Mar 21)

Hongyu Wang Ph.D. with Gang Zhao, SIOC (Oct 18 - Sept 21)

Charyl Hui Min Ko Research assistant, NUS (May 21 - Dec 21); FYP student, NUS (Aug 22 - Apr 23)

Lin Huang Ph.D. with Bill Morandi, ETH Zürich (Dec 20 - Dec 21)

En Qi Lim UROPS student, NUS (May 21 - Jul 21

Kyna Ru Bin Khoo UROPS student, NUS (May 21 - Jul 21) 

Wei Han Ser M.Sc. student, NUS (Sept 21 - Dec 21) 

Yunlong Zhao Visiting student, Sun Yat-sen University (Feb 21 - Mar 22)

Ting Jun Tan FYP student, NUS (Aug 21 - Apr 22)

Adam B. Parris Visiting student, University of South Carolina (Jun 22 - Jul 22)

Ningxi Song UROPS student, NUS (May 22 - Jul 22) 

Kelvin Zhi Wei Ong FYP student, NUS (Jan 22 - Nov 22)

Luoyan Liu Ph.D. with Jin-Quan Yu, Scripps Research (Feb 22 - Jan 23)

Quanquan Wang Ph.D. with Gong Chen, Nankai University (Sept 20 - Mar 23)

Chen-Fei Liu Ph.D. with Ming Joo Koh, NUS (Jan 19 - Jan 23); Post-doc with Song Lin, Cornell University (May 23 - present)

Priscilla Hee Chan FYP student, NUS (Aug 22 - Apr 23)

Kai Ze Tee FYP student, NUS (Aug 22 - Apr 23)

Kang Zheng Yap UROPS student, NUS (Aug 22 - Apr 23) 

Yijun Zhang Undergraduate exchange student, Southern University of Science and Technology (Dec 22 - Jun 23) 

Minerva Jia Yi Lau Research assistant, NUS (Jun 23 - Aug 23) 

Yi Wei Ph.D. with Wen-Jing Xiao & Liang-Qiu Lu, Central China Normal University (Nov 20 - Nov 23)

Former Members' Research Groups 


Professor Kian Ping Loh, NUS

Assoc. Professor Jiong Lu, NUS

Assoc. Professor Yu Zhao, NUS

Assoc. Professor Jie Wu, NUS

Asst. Professor Derrick Ong, NUS

Dr. Xinglong Zhang, IHPC, A*STAR

Dr. Jason Lim, IMRE, A*STAR

Assoc. Professor Osvaldo Gutierrez, Texas A&M University

Professor Yu Lan, Chongqing University, Zhengzhou University

Professor Gong Chen, Nankai University

Professor Shi-Liang Shi, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS


Students & researchers keen to join our team are welcomed to apply.

Please send your CV & research summary to Dr. Koh at

Students with no research experience are welcomed to visit us to explore options. 

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